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Learning and Adoption Plans
​SCE will determine who needs education through our detailed gap analysis process. Next we'll design and develop the learning content within a sustainable and real-time model that leverages eLearning, and on-the-floor Performance Support. Our experience supporting 1M end users and hundreds of conversions allows us to develop a change and adoption model that succeeds within your cultural reality.  Our experienced model lowers cost, increases adoption and optimization and strengthens organizations with an in-house tool set.
Stephens Consulting Enterprises Services
At Stephens Consulting Enterprises, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs.  We understand why most change initiatives fail and we pride ourselves on identifying smart, simple and sustainable models that you can implement.
Strategic Change Initiatives
Across 100's of implementations we've seen what works, and what doesn't. Change will not happen without leadership. The best way to support leaders is to clearly define what outcomes are targeted  and why. Then, build a system that achieves those outcomes. SCE will partner with you to develop your plan. We have the strength  to hold you to that plan.
C-Suite support during RFP, Vendor selection, Project Implementation, Go-Live and long-term Optimization initiatives
​Give us the opportunity to stand in front of you, at a white board and share quickly what we've learned over the past decade. We can succinctly capture why most organizations fail to reach their goals and why you won't.  The earlier we're engaged in the process, the more you can leverage our lessons learned. Fiercely loyal and completely bought-in to your success - the very first time we meet.